The Support You Need with Comprehensive Security Services

Our full range of security services can be delivered anywhere in the world to meet your corporate and operational requirements.

TOSS services include –

  • Vehicle Acquisition, Transport and Liquidation
  • Personnel Security Consulting
  • TOSS International Travel Security Service
  • Due Diligence Background Investigations
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) Analysis
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance Support
  • Foreign and Homeland Operational Readiness Exercises (ORE)/Full Mission Profile (FMP) Support
  • Red Team Exercises
  • Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX)
  • Security – System Design/Installation, Consultation and Expert Testimony

Threat Monitoring and Analysis

TOSS offers clients access to a proprietary threat monitoring and analysis service that includes collecting and analyzing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). Safeguard your organization by identifying potential risk and threats with the scientific methodology of qualitative analysis. The TOSS advantage is the real-world experience of TOSS researchers, which guides how they collect, group and analyze qualitative data.