What Creates Success for ISR Platforms? A Guide to Air Reconnaissance and Surveillance Training

How do you track movement of targets without tipping them off? Sometimes it takes a bird’s eye view to achieve reconnaissance and surveillance objectives.

Aerial reconnaissance and surveillance offer critical tactical value for military, law enforcement and other intelligence and scouting operations. The key to executional success is training grounded in educational design principles, led by highly experienced instructors with adequate opportunity to build student skills sets. As a result, operators know what to look for and how to capture the data without being detected.

When appropriate techniques are employed, an aerial ISR Platform can fly unobserved above a target to –
• direct a surveillance team’s operational efforts by monitoring target movement, location
• provide route and target intelligence packages
• conduct reconnaissance
• perform digital imaging techniques to support ground operations

TOSS instructors have extensive experience in aerial reconnaissance and surveillance. TOSS offers air reconnaissance and surveillance instruction as one of its broad range of operational support training programs for qualified U.S. government military and intelligence operators and inter-agency and law enforcement personnel.

With “in-the-air” experience, TOSS instructors have found certain core training elements to be critical to operational success. Want to learn more about the major components to operational training success?

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