Gain a Clear View of the Enemy through the Fog of War with Close Target Reconnaissance

Timely, accurate close target reconnaissance (CTR) creates the formula for mission success and breaks through the fog of war.

Performed properly, CTR allows operators to strike with surprise, at the right time and place. It fuses operations and intelligence by providing with the 5 “W’s” (who, what, when where, why) for find, fix, finish, and follow-on operations.

Clandestine operations require extensive experiential training and exacting tactics, techniques, and procedures. Concealment and mobility are keys to a guerrilla’s success, according to B. H. Liddell Hart in his book, Strategy. The same is true for the operator who practices CTR. Up-to-date and relevant training, leading up to a Full Mission Profile, before deployment creates the foundation for mission success.

To be effective, such programs should be tailored for the unit’s mission objectives and delivered by highly experienced individuals who have “been there and done that.”

TOSS Subject Matter Experts have been hand-selected for individual, high-risk deployments or who have served in sensitive, high-level covert operations. We work day-to-day with elite operators/operatives who count on us to ensure mission success. There is no substitute for experience when so much is at risk.

TOSS offers close target reconnaissance and refresher instruction as part of its broad range of operational support training programs for qualified U.S. government military and intelligence operators and inter-agency and law enforcement personnel.

Want to learn what components should be part of a CTR refresher course to ensure mission success?

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