Learn about Clandestine Method of Entry Operations and the TOSS Course

In Support of United States Government Training

Course Overview: The TOSS Clandestine Method of Entry (CMOE) Operations Course establishes cohesiveness among team members and teaches effective, tactical skills that ensure undetected access and egress from a specific target location. After completion of the course, participants will have the skill set to assess, plan and execute a clandestine tactical entry operation.

Methodology: TOSS developed its Clandestine Entry Course using an aggregate of more than 100 years of conducting clandestine entries in support of Title III and Title 50 court authorized surreptitious entry operations.

The CMOE Operations Course provides the principles and techniques necessary to -

  • identify the various levels of emerging security (mechanical and electronic) landscapes that would potentially impede the surreptitious access and egress of a target location
  • identify and categorize vulnerable lock, alarm access control and counter measure components
  • draft, present and implement an operations plan that appropriately describes mission, obstacles and execution phases of an operation, including staging areas, emergency egress routes and communication protocol
  • successfully complete three night entry operations and meet specified mission objective for each location

The TOSS Advantage: TOSS has unmatched and unparalleled operational experience in TOSS core competencies, including more than 4000 tactical entry operations executed by current TOSS team members in support of Title III, Title 50 – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and Executive Orders. TOSS personnel have conducted operations in CONUS and OCONUS. TOSS maintains a worldwide liaison network in our core competencies, coupled with extensive operational support capabilities.

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