Blending Law Enforcement and Military Expertise for a Complete Solution

TOSS Management Team

Tactical Operations Support Services, LLC (TOSS) is led by a senior team who deliver real-world solutions based on their extensive experience operating with U.S. Government (USG) entities and military Special Operations Forces.

The company was established by former FBI Special Agent high-level management personnel in 2004. As members of the bureau’s elite Tactical Operations Support Center, the founders focused on national-level covert operations for criminal, intelligence and terrorist investigations in the Homeland and overseas. They have augmented this investigational expertise with academic rigor, ensuring that TOSS training is designed for maximum learning effectiveness.

The TOSS leadership strategy has combined law enforcement and intelligence operational tradecraft with DOD Special Operations Forces tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). The leadership team includes former senior military leaders who have made significant contributions to the Global War on Terror. The TOSS management team includes –

TOSS management has significant experience in a wide range of issues, including—

  • combating terrorism
  • foreign intelligence operations and espionage
  • national clandestine operations
  • special operations: strategy, tactics
  • cyber crime
  • public corruption
  • civil rights
  • domestic and international organized crime enterprises
  • major white-color crime
  • significant violent crime
  • weapons of mass destruction interdiction and offensive operations
  • personal and operational security
  • force protection and corporate security

Look to TOSS for the insight and expertise to tailor courses and the flexibility to adapt to changing dynamics. We have the operational track record and the instructional background to ensure your training achieves the desired objectives.


The TOSS management team leads curriculum development and training. The TOSS cadre of specialists represent the broad spectrum of federal law enforcement, intelligence and military special operations backgrounds. All TOSS instructors have extensive operational expertise, which resulted in many arrests/captures/disruptions in support of criminal, foreign counter-intelligence and terrorism-related cases and missions. The TOSS team holds advanced degrees in numerous germane subject areas.

TOSS continues to recruit highly qualified instructors on a selective basis to ensure our clients always have access to the latest insights, techniques and leaders in their respective fields.