Our Experts Provide Training and Support that Ensure Mission Success

Operational success depends on getting it right the first time. When failure isn’t an option, turn to the experts at Tactical Operations Support Services, LLC (TOSS). TOSS is the serious choice. Our team has years of mission success, and that’s why we are so effective in helping the intelligence, law enforcement and Special Operations communities achieve their goals.

Founded by former FBI Supervisory Special Agents from the Bureau’s elite Tactical Operations Support Center (TOSC) in the aftermath of attacks against our Homeland, TOSS features elite instructors who have conducted thousands of national-level surreptitious entries and surveillance operations that have led to the arrests of hundreds of criminal, terrorist, and espionage adversaries. The TOSS team is a fusion of a select group of FBI, Special Operations and Intelligence Community operators, blending capabilities across every discipline. TOSS instructors have made major contributions in the fight against terrorism and crime in the U.S. and worldwide.

Our training features an unbeatable combination of hands-on operational experience and experiential learning that build operational capabilities—and don’t just deliver training.

TOSS can also provide –

  • comprehensive security, safety and risk assessments and support services
  • proprietary products, which can be developed to your specifications

From busting up a $1.65-billion heroin-smuggling ring in The Pizza Connection and putting John Gotti, the Teflon Don, behind bars, to tracking down Al Qaeda, the TOSS leads have been there, done it and share their deep expertise with students -